Globally Shared Ownership of Six 33m, Zero-Emission, Extreme Expedition Yachts

Mission Statement:
“To design, construct and make widely accessible the safest, fully sustainable, extreme expedition super yachts
providing “Once in a lifetime experiences – on a regular basis…”™ and cost effective functional luxury…”
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get…” – Warren Buffett


  • Green Explorers Society (GES) offers syndicated global fractional ownership of 6 planned identical 33m/110ft,  zero-emission, extreme expedition sailing yachts.
  • Each fully crewed GES vessel is owned by a private limited company in which the fractional owners hold shares – and thus ownership – relative to their global annual vessel usage.
  • Through their subsequent membership of the exclusive Green Explorers Society, the owners have the right to use any of the six identical sister ships based in 12 global sailing areas.
  • The four spacious double staterooms each have private bathrooms with infrared saunas. Height in the bright 28sqm main salon is 2.7m/9ft and it has easy access to the hydraulic swimming and boarding platform. An open-air heated salt- or freshwater jacuzzi is situated in the fore-ship lounge area for added privacy and panoramic views.
  • The vessels are RINA CHARTER CLASSED and MCA REG YC / ICE CLASS ID certified for “Unrestricted Navigation” and built from up to 15mm arctic steel where it counts.
  • The highly affordable, zero-emission, double super-insulated vessels are designed and built to explore both the tropics and the high-latitude “Ends of the World” in maximum safety and comfort without burning any fuel – fossil or otherwise.
  • The entire carbon footprint arising from materials, equipment, construction and use of the Green Explorer vessels will be fully offset by Yacht Carbon Offset, audited by Lloyds Register.
  • Due to their outstanding zero-emission and other green capabilities, we are negotiating with RINA to create a new top-tier “Green Plus” environmental class notation: “Green Plus – Diamond”, to distinguish us securely from the more mundane Green Plus notations: Gold and Platinum.

Inspired by Colin Archer’s ultra sea-worthy designs, the Green Explorer vessels are probably the safest and most comfortable sailing vessels available. The ice re-enforced hulls, constructed from arctic quality steel and double super-insulated, are specifically designed for safe high-latitude exploration – but, with their two large and comfortable outside seating areas, which includes a spacious heated jacuzzi, they are equally at home and well-suited for prolonged expeditions in the tropics.

During local summers, the initial 6 proposed, fully crewed Green Explorer vessels will be mainly based in 6 of the world’s most attractive and unusual high latitude locations in both hemispheres. When local winters approach, the vessels will relocate towards the Equator and base themselves in 6 of the world’s most interesting mainly tropical cruising areas.

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The red circles show the summer bases and the approximate sailing areas for all 6 proposed Green Explorer vessels during the local summer months, May-September incl. in the northern hemisphere and November-March incl. in the southern hemisphere.
The blue circles show the winter bases and the approximate sailing areas of the same Green Explorer vessels during the respective local winter periods of May-September in the south and November-March in the north.

Ultra-safe, zero-emission, highly affordable, luxury exploration in 12 of the world’s most exciting and interesting sailing areas during two annual summers of midnight sun and “white nights” and two annual tropical “winters”.
That is our guarantee to you – and the essence of the game-changing global syndicated fractional ownership concept re-invented by Green Explorers Society.

Once, twice or more times every year, depending on your share holding, you, as the owner – and your family or guests (max 8 adults and up to 4 children) – are guaranteed one or two  2-weeks period(s) of sailing and exploration according to your own itinerary. Each year, you will choose your weekly period(s) on board any of the society’s fully crewed vessels under a rotating choice allocation scheme. The owners can freely exchange their chosen week(s) with other society members – or charter them out, thus recuperating part or all of their initial investment in as little as 30 months. (see Charter Income)

The Green Explorers Society is created for the curious and adventurous, yet safety conscious and environmentally aware individuals or organisations, who

  • seek exceptional “Once in a Lifetime” experiences – on a regular basis…
  • would like to experience life – at least occasionally – “outside the box”…
  • long to explore the “Ends of the World” in maximum safety, comfort and functional luxury…
  • want to share unforgettable experiences with their family, friends or collegues…
  • chose to do all of the above in an 100% environmentally sound and responsible way…
  • are interested in getting exceptional “value for money”…

For these “Realistic Dreamers”, we have designed an efficient, no-nonsense, no-hassle, transparent corporate structure, enabling you to experience life on board your own zero-emission, extreme expedition sailing vessel. You can explore the world’s unique sailing areas for as little as 1/80 of the normal costs of one vessel – but with 100% of the enjoyment and use of 6 sister ships in 12 worldwide locations .
Just decide where and when, show up, cast off – and be prepared for pampered adventure. All the time and money consuming chores and red tape have been dealt with.
Lastly, becoming a fractional owner and member of Green Explorers Society would also provide numerous benefits for corporations, universities and other research institutes, as well as an exceptional source of income for yacht charter companies and yacht brokers.

The raw hull of the show boat and research vessel, “Green Explorer Z.E.” (for zero-emission), a sister ship and prototype for the Green Explorer vessels, tasted the water of the Pacific Ocean for the first time, as she was test launched and moved to the shipyard’s new construction site. The masts are finished, but not yet stepped.

How Much…?
We offer flexible ownership options, from 1.25% to 100% of one – or more – of the initial 6 planned GES vessels. The ownership options start at US$50k. Click here for Ownership Options.
As an example: 10% of the shares in one of the limited companies, which each owns one of the Green Explorer vessels, will cost US$400k and all shareholders become members of the exclusive Green Explorers Society for as long as they hold their shares. As a 10% shareholder/fractional owner, you – and your family or guests (max 8 adults and up to 4 children) – are guaranteed 2 x 2 weeks annual exclusive usage (via a rotating choice scheme) of any of the vessels in the fleet. This gives you the choice of two local midnight sun summer periods or two tropical “winter” periods – in two of the World’s 12 most fascinating and unusual sailing areas – each year.
Owners are free to exchange their chosen period(s) and/or to charter out any of their weeks to 3rd parties.
Pooled charter income from 8-12 surplus weeks (after the owners’ 40 weeks usage) will partly or fully cover the yearly running costs. (See: Charter Income)
(See: Fractional Ownership).

Each Green Explorer vessels will carry a fully licensed crew of four: an experienced captain with extensive local and technical knowledge, a first officer/machinery engineer, a gourmet chef and a steward(ess). The crews will capable of carrying out all routine/preventive maintenance tasks and be licensed to deal with all possible, but unlikely, emergencies. When GES is fully operational, a complete spare crew will be on stand-by, ready to take over with short notice in case of illness and/or during crew vacations.

Planned Bases and Sailing Areas…?
During two annual midnight sun summers, the 6 planned Green Explorer vessels, will be mainly based in high latitudes of both hemispheres; 3 in the North and 3 in the South. During local winters, the vessels move their bases towards the Equator.
Planned summer bases are: Fjords of Southern Chile, Antarctic Peninsula,  Southern Greenland, Northern Norway, Alaska’s Inland Passage & Fiji/Great Barrier Reef (the latter vessel was moved from New Zealand’s South Island, but the owners can decide alternative bases and sailing areas)
Planned tropical winter bases are: Galapagos, French Polynesia, Caribbean, Indonesia, The Mediterranean & Baja California.

(Click for Map of Worldwide Locations)

The raw hull of the prototype, show boat and research vessel, “Green Explorer Z.E.” (for zero-emission), tasted the water of the Pacific Ocean for the first time, as it was test launched and moved to the shipyard’s new construction site.

“Green Explorer Z.E.”, Prototype, Show Boat and Research Vessel:
The prototype and sister ship for the Green Explorer vessels, “Green Explorer Z.E.” (for Zero-Emission), an identical show boat and research vessel for renewable energy systems afloat, is currently under construction with delivery planned ultimo 2021

Delivery Time:
Follow-on Green Explorer vessels will be delivered 18 months after contract signing.