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We provide the realistic and affordable, “no Hassle” structure for realising your sailing dreams. Our fractional owners will join the exclusive Green Explorers Society with a planned fleet of six fully crewed, zero-emission, ultra sea-worthy sister ships based within easy reach of the 12 most incredible sailing grounds on Earth: Three vessels primarily based in the very high latitudes of Southern hemisphere and three others primarily in the high latitudes of the Northern hemisphere.
Planned summer bases are: S. Chile/Antarctic Peninsula, Madagascar, New Zealand’s South Island, South-Western Greenland, Northern Norway & Alaska’s Inland Passage.
During the local winters, the vessels will move to their operational bases nearer to the equator. These include: The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Panama, Baja California/Sea of Cortez, The Caribbean,The Great Barrier Reef, Papa Guinea, New Zealand, Indonesia, The Mediterranean, Canary Islands etc.

World wide, a fast growing number of people are dreaming of exploring some of our planet’s most remote locations in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Our classed, ice re-enforced, steel-hulled sailing vessels, combined with our no-nonsense fractional ownership structure, can now turn such dreams into a safe, hassle-free and affordable reality.

According to the number of shares held in the HK private companies, which each owns 100% of one of the vessels, an owner and up to a maximum of 7 adult family members and guests – and 4 children – will enjoy incredible sailing adventures exploring both the Southern and Northern midnight sun and “white nights” areas and distant tropical winter paradises. They will explore “the ends of the world” during their yearly period(s) of expeditionary cruises, each lasting two weeks on board the ultra-green, fully crewed, luxurious, 105ft Green Explorer vessels.

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get…”  – Warren Buffett