Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is the most environmentally sustainable and financially advantageous form of asset ownership and maintenance.

Why buy 100% of a costly super yacht, which you will use for only 4 weeks of the year?

GES Global Fractional Ownership gives you the 100% pure and hassle-free enjoyment of 6 fully crewed, 110ft zero-emission super yachts in 12 of the world’s most interesting sailing areas – for only a small fraction of the cost of ONE vessel…

According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong based luxury yachts spend on average only 32 hours [sic] at sea in a year.
While this may seem to be an extreme example, it is generally accepted that yacht owners on average only go to sea 2-3 weeks a year.

A far more cost efficient and interesting option is to share ownership of your super yacht with like-minded people via blocks of equity in six private limited companies, which each owns 100% of one of the vessels. This would reduce your overall ownership costs, including purchase and the annual running costs, by up to 98%. Owners/shareholders automatically become members of the exclusive Green Explorers Society and will be able to explore 12 of the world’s most interesting and unusual midnight sun and tropical sailing areas on board any of the society’s six planned sister ships.

Green Explorers Society proposes 4 different levels of ownership:
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All administrative chores, such as crew, flag, class, maintenance, insurance, accounting, time allocation, mooring, cleaning etc. are being handled by a competent management company – and by the experienced crews.

As a fractional owner of one of the vessels, you get 100% of the enjoyment and all of the advantages of being able to use any of the six proposed, fully crewed, zero-emissionextreme expedition yachts. This without having to deal with any of the administrative hassles – and for only a very small fraction of the cost of owning just one of them! The owners can each freely create their own unique itineraries and spend their usage periods exploring 12 of the world’s most fascinating sailing areas.

Would you like more  sailing time – and an even greater choice of destinations each year?
Or would you perhaps like to recoup your investment quickly?
Then purchase another block of shares.
Would you like to get out?
Then sell your shares.
It’s that simple.

DR1-seen from below front

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