Charter Income and Benefits

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get…”  – Warren Buffett

We discuss the potential for charter income for the owners, both directly and indirectly.
We examine the benefits of both corporate and institutional ownership and membership of Green Explorers Society.

Charter Rates:
The Green Explorer fleet of fully crewed, zero-emission, luxury vessels, provides instant, safe and environmentally responsible access to the world’s most unusual and beautiful remote sailing areas. These vessels – and their sailing areas – will attract substantial charter interest and will probably command higher than usual charter rates.
We conservatively expect that high season, high latitude, midnight sun weeks will charter for minimum of US$55K per week – and an average weekly charter rate of US$45K should be a realistic expectation.

Owner Charter Income:
The owners decide whether they want to charter out any of their annual usage weeks. As an extreme example, 10% (Exclusive 4) owners, who initially charter out all of their four annual usage weeks, could expect to recuperate their full purchase investment within 3 years. If a 10% owner decides to use two of his four usage weeks every year and to charter out the remaining two weeks, he could  expect to recuperate his initial investment within 6 years. The useful lifespan of the GE vessels is expected to be 15 years.
For other ownership options and the related potential charter income, please see: Ownership Options – Costs & Income

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Pooled Charter Income:
After the owners have used their exclusive 40 weeks a year, 12 weeks remain. On average, 3 of these weeks will be required for class inspections, possible repairs, crew vacations and relocation. This leaves the society’s fleet of Green Explorers vessels free for charter for approximately 9 weeks per year plus a week or two relocation charters (see Relocation Routes). This charter income, which will be pooled between all the vessels in the fleet, could cover almost all running costs for the Green Explorer vessels. With today’s explosively growing interest in high latitude destinations and unusual tropical exploration, this would be a reasonable expectation. Please see: Ownership Options – Costs & Income

Green Adventure Credentials – Leading by Example:
The fractional owners will benefit from membership of Green Explorers Society, which clearly demonstrates both their quest for adventure and their desire to lead the way as environmentally responsible individuals and super yacht owners.

Corporate Benefits:
In addition to the above benefits, corporations can take advantage of the Green Explorer vessels being the perfect green platform for executive and partnership incentives as well a as unique and interesting corporate incentive venue.

Institutional Benefits:
Governmental and private research institutions will find fractional ownership of Green Explorer vessels the near-perfect platform for non-intrusive, pollution-free research in even the most environmentally sensitive and remote areas.

Yacht Charter Broker and Investor Benefits:
“Invest in Green Adventure” is an attractive solution for charter brokers or high ROI conscious individuals. Unusual zero-emission charter expeditions at the “ends of the world”, are probably the global travel and tourism industry’s fastest growing sector. Full return on investment can take place in under 3 years. This would correspond to more than 33% p.a. ROI.
The expected useful life cycle of the Green Explorer vessels is estimated to 15 years.
Please contact us for further info and interesting financing possibilities.

Need More Prime Time – or More ROI?
Would you like to use a Green Explorer vessel for longer time or in additional locations each year? Or would you like to maximise your ROI?
All you need to do is purchase another block of shares.

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