Green Explorers Society – Worldwide Vessel Bases
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The red circles show the locations of the bases and the approximate sailing areas for all six proposed Green Explorer (GE) vessels during the local summer months, May-September incl. in the northern hemisphere and November-March incl. in the southern hemisphere.
The blue circles show the bases and the approximate sailing areas of the same Green Explorer vessels during the respective local winter periods of May-September in the south and November-March in the north.
As an owner, this unique set-up gives you incredible wide choices to explore the world on any of the six planned, fully crewed Green Explorer vessels. Please see: Ownership Options.

The First Two Green Explorer Vessels:
As an example, let’s look at Green Explorer 1 or 2: as an owner and thus member of the Green Explorers Society, you will have the choice to explore such unique and diverse areas as the fjords of Southern Chile, South and West Greenland, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Eastern and Western approaches to the N. W. Passage, Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Hudson Bay, Easter Island, and the whole of the Caribbean.
The other four proposed sister-ships will give the Green Explorers Society members further choices with instant and easy access to sailing areas in New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef, The Mediterranean, Fiji, Tonga, New Guinea, the Mediterranean, Alaska’s Inland Passage, Eastern Canada, Baja California, Norway, Svalbard, French Polynesia and Indonesia.
As a society member and fractional owner, you will never run out of fascinating places to explore at your leisure on board one of the vessels in the Green Explorer fleet – that is our promise to you.
Detailed sailing itineraries with full flexibility can be determined by each owner and his guests, assisted by your experienced crew and management company. (Please place the cursor over the circles in the map above numbered 1 or 2, to see info and detailed maps of the sailing areas for the first two Green Explorers vessels).

Green Explorer 1:
During the austral summer, November-March, the first southern vessel, Green Explorer I, will be based in Ushia/Punta Arenas with easy access to the 5000+ Islands, fjords and national parks dispersed over 1500km along the coast of Southern Chile. The stunning wild life and landscapes. Although the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands are also within fairly easy reach, it is our plan to base GE 5 on King George Island at the very top of the Antarctic Peninsula, a 90-minutes flight from Punta Arenas. This is because the great interest in both areas and to avoid the – often bumpy and wet – three-day crossing of Drakes Passage. During the local winter, May-September, Green Explorer 1 will move its base north, via the fjords of Chile and Easter Island to be based in the Galapagos Islands with a possibility to visit Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica. (See also: Re-location Routes)

Green Explorer 2:
The first northern vessel, Green Explorer 2, will be based in SW Greenland from May-September. It will have instant access to the immense Greenlandic fjord areas and be within reach of the eastern approaches to the N.W. Passage and Hudson Bay. Twice a year, during relocation, the vessel will explore the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and continue south to be based in the Caribbean. (See also: Re-location Routes)

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