Relocation Routes

Twice a year each Green Explorer vessel will relocate between the local summer and winter bases in both hemispheres. The red numbered circles show their local summer sailing areas and the corresponding numbered blue circles show their local winter sailing areas.
As an example, both GE 1 and GE 5 will relocate both ways through the inland passages of the fjords of Chile and via Easter Island. Other relocation routes also offer interesting itineraries.

Chartered Relocations:
During relocation the vessels can be chartered. Green Explorer Society members will have priority and can chose to use their sailing time at these periods or get preferential rates over third parties to charter – or part charter – the vessels for extended ocean passages. Detailed routes and stop-overs can be planned with some flexibility – subject only to possible time constraints.

Big Game Fishing:
This gives the owners or third parties the opportunity to experience the unique sensation of long ocean passages under sail with exciting big game fishing and short visits to otherwise rarely visited islands and other locales.

Get Your Yacht Master Ticket:
Relocations are also a great way to build up sea-miles and practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the advanced Yacht Master tickets, such as Yacht Master Offshore or Yacht Master Ocean. Here, the Yacht Master candidate must plan the entire voyage and be the “master of the vessel” for at least a few days during that voyage. Having obtained the ticket, you can then take command of your Green Explorer yacht with the possible assistance of a stand-by captain in order to gain confidence and experience.

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